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AWARE for All

CHOP is working with CISCRP to support "AWARE for ALL", a day dedicated to educating the public on clinical research and what it means to be a clinical research participant. Do not miss out! See attached brochure for details.

Heart Health Study

The Heart Health Study is designed to screen school-aged children for cardiac conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Noreen Dugan, lead study coordinator for the Heart Health Study, completed the pilot study, and is now continuing with Phase II. She is currently meeting 95 percent of the enrollment target for each screening site. She is also part of the Youth Heart Watch Program and helped lead a CPR training of 110 employees.

Coming Soon ... a Society of Pediatric Clinical Research Professionals

A society of clinical research personnel is currently being established at Children's Hospital. A steering committee has been formed and is developing the charter for the society. The society is geared toward the professional development and support of all Children's Hospital clinical research personnel.